Food For Thought...

Some say God created man in his image, I say God created man and gave him his image for protection. God for some reason gave man a woman, she will be there for him through thick and thin. She will be stronger mentally and she will protect him through difficulties. She will share his wrong doings and she will fight emotionally and mentally by his side. Brothers think about this..... Who is your number one fan? your mother , your wife, your Girl friend or your siter. To her most of what you do is right and in most cases she will be the last one to acknowledge your crimes. Life starts in her womb and last for 9 month. Through incredible pain a new life begins,  She will protect that baby with all her limited physical strength and feed it with whatever is available to her. She will sacrifice her own personal success for a child, and again like said before she will miss out on life changing opportunities for her baby. You will leave her and go see other women coming home late, finding her still awake in bed. She will most of the times pretend to be sleeping in order to prevent confrontation, and suffer her hidden pain alone. She spend all day long taking care of those you call your kids and when you get in trouble with the law at your late outing with your so called friends, she is quickly there fighting for your freedom. when she criticize we forget to listen even though we done a lot without criticiism From her. In some cultures she seen as a nobody, and her education is often seen as un insult. She will be abused on daily bases and her life has no value in a sociaty. We have always stated the reasons of why we go to wars that have left the world as miserable as it is today, never have we gone to war for the protection our mothers , wives and sisters.  Malala Yousafzai whose life was forever changed at age 15 by a Taliban bullet on 9 October 2012, her crime was going to school to educate her self.....what a shame. Why do we abuse our protectors ? Where would you be today without your mother in early stages of your life ? and for some of us who still can imagine life without our mothers. We should remember this ...without women no life, so agree to disagree GOD IS WOMAN

If i was asked define racism' i would say it means you are subjected to abuse and harassment because of your race, colour , beliefs,  or ethnic background. But now i guess there are laws against that so things have changed. Lady Thatcher the late brittish prime minister denounced Nelson Mandela’s liberation movement as a “typical terrorist organization” and rejected calls for sanctions against South Africa’s white minority government, Margaret Thatcher found herself on the wrong side of history. Did Miss Thatcher repressent the majority of the  brittish ? or was it as some would call a political miss culculation. This is 2013 now and we still havent moved on from our past, we still view each differently bassed on what we believe in and where we orignated from.It is really confusing as Iam now finding out that you really don't have to be of a different race to discriminet,black caribeans , Americans and black Africans all have views about one another!!!!! some have gone as far as trying to point out the difference. The careibeans will quickly deny being Africans and often looks offended by the comparison, and the Africans often quick to judge a Jamaican before knowing what his all about. So what do we call that ? thats what i said ....confusing ...What about religion ? Religion Is a very senstive subject these days especially as our political leader have chosen it as battle ground for their wars,we quick to point fingers to our Moslem brothers and sisters as soon as something out of the ordinally and very evil happens.Radicalising young men and set them to commit  crimes against fellow citizens has been a common practice, this is dividing our communities and its leaving us with short of friends. So one can still ask what racism Is ? These are some of the answers I found online " Racism is usually defined as views, practices and actions reflecting the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior "mmmmmmmmm...." The exact definition of racism is controversial both because there is little scholarly agreement about the meaning of the concept "race", and because there is also little agreement about what does and doesn't constitute discrimination. Critics argue that the term is applied differentially, with a focus on such prejudices by whites, and defining mere observations of racial differences as racism. Some definitions would have it that any assumption that a person's behavior would be influenced by their racial categorization is racist, regardless of whether the action is intentionally harmful or pejorative. Other definitions only include consciously malignant forms of discrimination. What do you think ? 

Culture and Religion

Culture is mankind's primary adaptive mechanism, a collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one category of people from another. Culture can be considered as the entire social heritage of man ; it is the tradition of a particular human group, a way of living learned from, shared by and most inportantly passed on from the early ancecitory members of that group. Understanding the concept of Culture is key to understanding human Behavior. The way greet one another, treat each other, the way we eat and prepare our meals to the way we appreciate the meals ; in away it's really hard to separate culture and traditions. So!! whats the difference between religion and culture ? like culture itself,  religion consists of systematic patterns of beliefs, values, and behavior, acquired by people as a member of their society. These patterns are systematic because their manifestations are regular in occurrence and expression: they are shared by member of a group. Within all religions, however, there is not homogeneity; there are differences of interpretation of principles and meanings. What becomes important is to recognize what is implied by the nature of the "sacred." For some this means that when you enter a church sanctuary , mosque or temple you adjust your attitude toward the sacredness of the place and the reason that took you there. To others in different cultures, sacredness takes on the importance of life itself. In the history" religion has had a powerful effect on political change: spirit mediums have led revolts against European and African rulers, ancestral spirits have commanded acts of destruction and called for the overthrow of rulers and chiefs. People have sought the help of priests and medicine men to achieve power and wealth.  To me culture mean all those historically created designs for living, explicit and implicit, rational, irrational, and nonrational, which exist at any given time as potential guides for the behavior of men."  A perfect  identity for men like my self and my kids. What about the meaning and the difference of culture and religion? religion" meant "belief in God" and, in general, was used to refer to two true religions Christianity and the Muslim faith. Today, "religion" can mean anything at all, from the most personal and intimate spirituality for the individual to the most diffuse cultural activity in any given society. It is true that many societies do not draw a clear line between their culture and what scholars would call “religion.” This does not mean that religion doesn’t exist, but it is worth keeping in mind that even when we think we have a handle on what religion is, we might be fooling ourselves. Is there a conflict between religion and culture then? When two people from the same cultural background find them selves serving different religions , cultural gatherings can be a challenge. One cannot know the future unless one understands the past, the past  including how religion evolved and how that affects our culture, so that we can understand why we are the way we are and then work to improve the conditions in which we all live for a better future . Historically religion exclude the south Sahara Africa , infact there is no mention at all of our existence during that time. Religion to us is new, introduced to us by those who later became our conquerer. Those who discribed us savages and an civilized, those who sold us as slaves and abused every right we had and regarded us as an equal. Never told us there was a difference between religion and God. We don't have to belong to any religion to believe in God, and no need to disrespect our cultures in favor of our religion. 





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World Mothers...

Having a great and cool mother i often talk about these issues with great Passion, i have seen the struggles of my mother from the time she was a young single mother until now, i have grown to respect  women of all ages including  my little angel her self Gabriella Ntongo. Its hard to believe that in 2013 we are still discussing their rights in communities , because without them there would never have been any societies. Nearly 60% of African women are subjected to sexual violence, including marital rape, according to the Ending Violence Against Women report. Almost half of Our women in Africa  said they had been attacked by a partner. Cultural mores against reporting abuse make it difficult to assess accurately, and few adolescent health programs in  Africa address these critical issues. A leading UN official launching the report said domestic violence was a "pervasive phenomenon... that has to be addressed ,this cause a significant impact on the health and life expectancy of women and the threat of social stigma prevents young women from speaking out about rape and abuse. The age at which young people are protected by statutory rape laws varies in African countries, from under 13 years in Nigeria to under 16 years in Zimbabwe. Only Kenya specifically criminalises both physical and verbal sexual harassment.Young girls frequently report that their early sexual experiences were coerced. In a study in South Africa, 30 percent of girls report that their first sexual intercourse was forced. In rural Malawi, 55 percent of adolescent girls surveyed report that they were often forced to have sex.  In Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, an estimated 30 percent (about 30,000) of prostitutes are women ranging from 12-26 years of age. The number of adolescent females engaged in informal prostitution may be far greater. This is my question now.....Why do we behave this way ? when we know we come from a woman, Why do we abuse our siters ? why do we think we have a right to tell them when how to get pregnant ? the answer is this.....Our cultures in to days Africa still recognise these primitive old cultural behaviours invented by the very primitive community leaders of the past. And with education missing in large parts of our communities together with alchol consumption, that mix with to days political leaders who's attention is focusing on building strong armies that can keep them in power for life. The need to understand the importance of our women is huge and stop treating them bad, very few grow up  without that mother care from the first helpless days, month and years. The 9 month in stomach, making her look and feel sick. when you cry she rages, and you sick she cry. She handles you with care, her most priceless asset. She will miss out on life changing opportunities because she has you.We all have been guilty of using and abusing them in different ways, let me take this opportunity to say I'm sorry to those I've  wronged. I say its time for us to stop calling God a he, because i believe God is a she.....bless all you mothers, not only in Africa but allover the world. Love you all.

Peace Is A Precious Trait...

Why cant we learn to listen to one another when we disagree and accept each others opinions...only as one we will build our nations.....Bring our kids up without tribalism and religious segregation...teach them our history and values of cultures and laugueges...Together we can build armies of peace in our beautiful continent...We can apologize for our actions in Congo , Durfor and Somalia...And together we may one day say ( NEVER AGAIN ). Africa is the continent that hasn't seen happiness from the arrival of the first white man until now, hundreds of years after his departure. But Africa is the place where you will find less stress and individuals who are so welcoming with great smiles on their faces, willing to share with you the little they have and expect nothing from you...and when something bad happens to you...the whole community comes to your rescue....Dear God how come your son was born in the middle East and the prophet Muhammed ? or is it just that the world wouldn't recognise our own prophets...Long live Nelson Mandela , RIP Kweme Nkuluma , Milton Obote, Thomas Sankara,Julius Nyelele , Lumumba and the Emperor of Ethiopia.....

Building Of Armies In Africa...

Responding to Helena Sumbana on your question, do African countries need to spend on armies or is it a waste of money? First of all Helana i'm glad we have people like you who take great interest in our lovely continent and i'm humbled by your love for the continent. Ever since i was a little boy,  my dream has always been to see Africa and her people prosper. At the moment it's hard to achieve, Africans have lost interest in our mother land, and the few greedy men are driving us further backwards. Helena its good to build capable Armies to defend our way of life, but i also believe Africa has more enemies to fight than those needs the use of a gun. the need to invest equally if not more in medical facilities , quality primary school education for every child, our police forces who protect the population and the state law, adult education which would help to reduce corruption and mob justice. Improving electricity supply, the building of roads, Primitivity , diseases and starvation. All these are distructive wars that need to be fought hard. Educated population is easy to work with towards development and also limits us from fearing one another, a case for most African leaders to build strong Armies. If our elected leaders can discuss business amongst our neighbouring states without fearing losing power back home, tell me sister.....who will need to spend all this money on Armies? The money spent on Armies in our countries can save millions of lives and can improve the quality of it too, if spent in those areas i mentioned.


Life is a journey

Life is a journey and its a trip that can be very tricky and very difficult. The luggage we carry with us  is a heavy one, it contains confusion, envy, jealousy, and hate amongst the packed things. But as time changes and people are more curious than ever before, we start to divert ourselves in seeking what was never meant for us to know, the future and beyond. Some have taken the scientific way and some have continued to believe in what was said before our time. Yes...what was said in the Bible and the Quran, words of God if you are Christian and words of prophets if you are Muslim, and this is being manipulated today to the advantange of those looking for glory and riches. Our world today is full of those claiming to be prophets, opening up churches and using God's name to enrich themselves. Pastors of today collect millions from poor and hard working people mostly in third world countries and in communities of struggling minorities in Europe, South and North America. And on the Muslim side there are those Imams preaching hatred and segregation messages that radicalise young Muslims and get them to commit unforgivable crimes against innocent fellow citizens. Christian prophets who tell us what God hid from us from the very beginning...(the future). If the mighty God of all living things wanted us to know what the future holds, there would have been a million ways of how he would have told us...and if the Lord wanted us to be segregated and not getting along, we would have never found ourselves in the same space, sharing the same air and calling our selves "THE HUMAN RACE" we would even have had different colour of blood flowing in our veins. To those keen to know about tomorrow, imagine, if we did know the exact time of our death, how would we have lived your life before then? Or if we knew the right person to be in our lives, would the life without disappointment, heartbreak or falling in love be as exciting as it is today? Believing is trusting and if we really believe in God, we have to trust him within ourselves. We have to believe that we are where we are for are for a reason and respect life the way it is.


Its funny how we keep talking about human rights in the western world, when we take great joy into seeing  people's problems as entertainment. There are succesful television programs on how the British and the American immigration officers are hunting people down and talking to them as if they were aliens from a planet death where we our selves don't visit. Im not saying these people should be allowed to stay anywhere without the necessary documentation, but why do we think we can be entertained at home seeing them being chased around like criminals ? i dont believe anyone would just leave his or her homeland with joy and everything just to annoy those in other countries. What we need to understand is these guys come for help, and when that help is declined and they choose to remain illigal, then the law should rightly take its course. But why do we think its entertainment to watch how its done on tv and see those immigration officers often with foreign background themselves, humiliating people. If this was done in any third world country it would have been criticized and would be talked about, warn tourist watch out for the harsh treatment. Just thinking about the priviledges enjoyed by british citizens in African, Asia and the carribean without being chased around or put on tv for entertainment. The aproach these people have when they set out to arrest the aliens should be agaisnt the law. 

Kenya 2013...Stand United

Watching the Kenyan elections i cant help but pray for my sisters and brothers to peacefully go through this. I wrote about Africa not being ready for this kind of democracy and i pray Kenyans prove me wrong this time around, no one wants to see a repeat of what went on the last time . I just wish the loser will accept defeat gracefully and commit to help the new leader to be, and move Kenya forward. We have to learn that in a race like this, one has to lose and one has to win, power should not be the most important thing here, the country should and people should be. Accept that the ideas of the other candidate have won the majority of the population and the loser should bring his ideas too in support of the winner so Kenya can continue to prosper. Set standards for fellow Africans to follow and respect your people who have chosen their leader, drop the accusation of rigging election because its only gonna cause pain and suffering to those who are already suffering, respect each other as leaders and respect the laws of the country. Please use your leadership skills even though you did not win and prevent blood and tears, Africa is watching to learn from this great nation and we will continue to pray for Kenyans.

Tanzanian Albinos

A question about albinos in Tanzania by one of our visitors here, its all about educating the population in third world countries. What is reported in Tanzania is not only happening with albinos in that country,Traditionally people in these parts of that world and some parts in West Africa believe in human sacrifice in order to achieve success,unfortunatly and sadly primitivity makes local tribes believe albinos are different for these purposes. Again its a question of human development, sadly governments in these countries chose to invest in  less important areas rather than education. Before this question was brought up we were looking and researching into these reports,so in the near future we will bring you our thoughts again for discussion. But feel free to tell us what you think and know so we can also learn,hopefully we can help protect these perfectly made human beings.

I'm Just Saying...

This debate about homosexuality comes to a simple fact, no matter how ignorant people may think i'am. Originally sex was all about reproducing and make small groups continue to exist' and that's why our tribes are so big and untraceable today. If this debate took place 1000 years ago on the same scale as it is now, i'm sure the human race would have ceased to exist just the like that. Don't get me wrong here...i'm not against what individuals do without our knowledge, but why should it be brought out into public like this....and why should we preach it to our young and make it look like its so normal After all its a sexual thing, no matter what anybody say....we should not hate, abuse or indiscriminate those who are homosexuals that's not right, but either should we not forget the foundation of human existence... which is MAN and WOMAN

Thomas Sankara RIP

“If we maintain a certain amount of caution and organization we deserve victory….You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness. In this case, it comes from nonconformity, the courage to turn your back on the old formulas, the courage to invent the future.” Thomas Sankara

Wake Up UG...

The myopic visionaries in Uganda will ever trail behind smart heads worldwide. Sending our soldiers in wars with no accounts of national economic interests therein-after in it, is our sleepiness. Seen it happened in Rwanda, Congo, in S. Sudan little better off by sheer chance, but now Somalia where we paid for the peaceful business atmosphere with blood of our sons and daughters, others with smart heads would reap on our bloody efforts as far away as Indonesia and beyond, when we have all the same materials at home to supply, we are busy occupied with petty domestic politics. Have we opened up a commercial route to Somalia, be it air or road? Have we started to flood their markets with goods made in Uganda? These are supposed to be major war visions, besides attaining peace and security – the economic development for both parties to follow then suit, good for both peoples

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DONE Sending...

HELENA SUMBANA | Reply 05.04.2013 21.17

Is Africa really ready for democracy? Everyone needs to read that article. This is the truth, thank you Charles Sebina, suddenly, a lot of things make sense.

Lukissone | Reply 25.03.2013 23.48

How do we fight poverty in Africa? Good Question, WE have to coming together and unite as one and fight against so call the Colonial Masters which still exist.

Teeyo Nanyonga | Reply 25.03.2013 14.17

i strongly agree with u bt the biggest hindrance to agricultural growth is the poor infrastructure in rural areas where the main players in the sector r found.

Robins Kay | Reply 20.03.2013 10.35

WAKE UP AFRICA,FOR NEW AFRICA.This is a great job MR.CHARLES.Keep it up!

Lukissone | Reply 18.03.2013 20.14

Building of armies in Africa.. Once again another great piece of article..Bro..
Africa in my eyes.. wow..

charles sebina 19.03.2013 09.30

yes bro..thank you for the encouragement, i'm glad you do take your time to check ...keep it up man

Fiona | Reply 17.03.2013 19.27

I like...The minds we need for a better world, a better Africa

Helena Sumbana | Reply 11.03.2013 16.56

I saved your website on my bookmarks. I think most Africans have not yet realised how rich a continent we are and first, as you said, we need to educate people.

Charles sebina | Reply 11.03.2013 11.25

Thank you Andre. I couldnt agree with you more, we have lost our ways thanx to westernization ways of living, and religious segregation.

Andre | Reply 10.03.2013 15.06


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Oh wawooooo!!!!Thats an inspiration really.

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Thats wise younger boy!!!!!!! I think if you continue people will learn more from you good luck son.

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This is so nice my dea i am behind u too i believe you can change our country in particular

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Wooow this is great i love it all i have always looked for inspiring words frm a fellow ugandan who has a dream and here u are keep it up dea am sooo proud of u

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